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We've all been there—picking up your favorite pair of shades only to find an unsightly scratch staring right back at you.

Not to worry, though! Today, we're sharing some simple DIY fixes to help you get your sunglasses looking as good as new.

Let's dive in and explore some easy methods on how to remove scratches from sunglasses.

The Toothpaste Trick

One of the most popular home remedies for minor scratches is using toothpaste.
Yes, you read that right—plain old toothpaste can help clear up those small marks. Here’s how you do it:

● Choose the Right Toothpaste. Make sure it's a non-gel, non-whitening toothpaste. These formulas are less abrasive and gentler on your sunglasses.

● Clean Your Sunglasses. First, rinse your sunglasses under lukewarm water to remove any surface dust or dirt.

● Apply Toothpaste. Dab a small amount of toothpaste onto the scratch and gently rub it in a circular motion with a cotton swab or soft cloth for about 10 seconds.

● Rinse and Dry. Rinse off the toothpaste with cool water and dry your sunglasses with a microfiber cloth.

This method is best for light scratches and can sometimes blur deeper scratches to make them less noticeable.

Baking Soda Brew

If toothpaste doesn't do the trick, try a baking soda paste. This method is slightly more abrasive, making it effective for deeper scratches.

Here’s how to remove scratches from sunglasses using baking soda:

● Make the Paste. Mix one part water with two parts baking soda to form a paste.

● Apply the Paste. Using a soft cloth, apply the paste to the scratch and rub gently in a circular motion.

● Check the Scratch. After rubbing for about 30 seconds, rinse the glasses and check the progress. Repeat if necessary.

● Clean Thoroughly. Once satisfied, clean the entire lens with your regular glasses cleaner.


Professional Polishing Kits

A professional repair kit might be the best approach for those with polarized sunglasses or deeper scratches.
These kits typically come with specialized polishing compounds that are safe for coated lenses. Here's a simple guide on using them:

● Select the Right Kit. Ensure the kit is suitable for sunglasses and follow the instructions carefully.

● Apply the Polishing Compound. Usually, you'll dab a small amount on the scratch and use a soft cloth to polish the lens.

● Buff and Clean. After applying, buff the area gently and clean the lens as you would normally.

If you're hesitant about attempting a DIY fix, especially on expensive or polarized lenses, consider taking them to a professional.

Bringing It All Together

Scratched sunglasses can be a bummer, especially when they're your favorite pair.

But with these simple tips on how to remove scratches from sunglasses at home, you can extend the life of your shades and keep them looking sharp.

Remember, prevention is key!

Always store your sunglasses in a protective case and clean them regularly with suitable products.

If you need more sunglasses care tips or are looking to grab a new pair, check out our blog on why sunglasses are important or browse our stylish collections at Sundaze Rays.

Whether it's fixing a scratch or picking out a new pair, we're here to keep you looking cool and your eyes protected!

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