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Shade Care Tips

We obviously have your back with our Around the Sun Warranty, however we also like to provide you with various methods to keep your shades always looking fresh!

Use a Clean Microfiber Cloth

Like the one that comes with your shades. We know it’s easy to take your shirt and wipe it off, and hey sometimes there is no choice when you find yourself in the jungle amongst the birds and the bees, but this thicker material might causes moisture between the layers. 

Warm Water

That’s your friend. Quick rinse under warm water will feel to your shades the same way you do when you take a shower after being in a desert rave for 24 hours. And of course, microfiber cloth after.

Beach and Saltwater

Ah yes – there isn’t a better place to rock your Sundaze. We have nothing to say here – do you and use your microfiber cloth when back home.

Shades in the Car

Simply make sure they’re in the case we provided. They’ll be fine.

Eyeglass Wipes

Never understood those. Trash ‘em. They will most likely damage your protective coatings. What to use instead – you guessed it – a microfiber cloth