Our Story

You might think that we spend a lot of time under the sun asking questions.

You would be correct. The MAIN question - what the hell should we do? We decided to try and create the coolest shades brand we can.

We love the sun, and who isn't feeling dazed these days?

With that, the name seemed fitting.

Community, its what we're all about - living among vibrant people and the energy each has – let’s call them Sundazers.

Sundazers live for the moment.  There is no secret formula. You simply have to enjoy each day, instead of wishing and waiting for better days.  If anything this world has taught us over the last few years is that it’s important to live for the moment. We tried capturing the essence of that in our brand.

What's in our logo?

The semi circles represent no beginning, no end, and a community that chooses to live life unbound. The space in between, is actually a bar - (or hyphen).

Why? Well that’s because that bar signifies everything you are and have been. That bar represents your time and everything in between. Choose life. Choose it right. Live and love.

Also, and this is probably the most important part in all of this, we just found that icon pretty fucking cool and decided to go with it.

The team at Sundaze has worked on creating cool, affordable, stylish, and quality sunglasses.  The path has not always been clear friends, but it was made clearer with Sundaze shades. We hope you like ‘em!