When we started Sundaze Rays, we knew we wanted to also give purpose to the initiative. Our partnership with PTSD Foundation of America is part of the purpose, and we see it as more than just a cooperation as there is meaning behind the story. More likely than not, we each know someone close to us who suffers or has suffered from post traumatic syndrome. It’s a very real thing with 7 out of every 100 Veterans having PTSD, and it also being more common among female Veterans (13 out of 100).


One of the programs, known as Camp Hope, is an interim and transitional housing facility for Combat Veterans with PTSD and their families. Sundaze has pledged to give back $1 on each purchase made through our store to this program.

With the help of the team at PTSD Foundation of America, we will strive to make a difference each and every day, helping those in need and spreading hope wherever we go.

Sundaze Rays is committed to this cause in order to try and make a positive impact through our products and business. By supporting our brand, you're not just buying a pair of shades - you're joining us on a journey that has impact and meaning. With your help, we will be changing lives.

We're proud to partner with the PTSD Foundation of America, an organization that helps patients who have experienced combat trauma, to experience a place that allows them to recover and rebuild their lives.

Join us in making a difference.

For more information, go to WWW.PTSDUSA.ORG