The Fascination with Aviators

Posted on April 4, 2023

Aviators, also known as pilot sunglasses, have been an enduring fashion staple for over 80 years. Their classic design and practicality have made them a beloved accessory for both men and women, whether they are pilots or not.

The aviator has become a symbol of style and sophistication from movie stars to everyday people. Let's explore the fascination with aviators and why they are popular accessories today.

How it all Started 

The origins of aviator sunglasses can be traced back to the 1930s when pilots were flying in open cockpits, and they needed a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun's glare. So the US Army Air Corps commissioned American optical company Bausch & Lomb to create a pair of sunglasses that would provide maximum protection for pilots while still allowing them to see clearly. The result was the "Ray-Ban Aviator," which was first sold to the public in 1937.

The Aviator Makes its Way to Hollywood 

The popularity of aviator sunglasses skyrocketed in the 1950s and 1960s when they were worn by Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and Audrey Hepburn.

The aviator became a symbol of cool and rebellion. People wanted to emulate their favorite movie stars by wearing them. The sunglasses also became associated with the military, as pilots and soldiers wore them during the Vietnam War.

Style that Endures 

One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of aviator sunglasses is their versatility. The simple, unisex design means that anyone with any outfit can wear them. Aviators can be dressed up in a suit or dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans. They are also available in a range of colors and materials, from classic gold metal frames to bold mirrored lenses.

Another reason people love aviators is that they provide excellent eye protection. The large lenses and wrap-around design of the frames provide coverage from all angles, protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. The sunglasses are also lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for outdoor activities like driving, boating, and hiking.

Aviators have also become a symbol of adventure and exploration. They are associated with pilots, explorers, and adventurers who brave the elements and push the boundaries of what is possible. This sense of adventure and freedom has made aviators popular with people who value independence and self-expression.

In recent years, aviator sunglasses have undergone a resurgence in popularity, thanks to their appearance in popular movies and TV shows like Top Gun and Mad Men. Fashion designers have also embraced the classic design, incorporating it into their collections and giving it a modern twist. In addition, celebrities like Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, and Rihanna have been spotted wearing aviators, cementing their place as fashion staples.

Final Thoughts 

The fascination with aviators can be attributed to their classic design, practicality, versatility, and association with adventure and exploration. Whether you're a pilot, a movie star, or an everyday person, aviator sunglasses are a timeless accessory that will never go out of style.